Super Bowl XLV In Dallas A Poetic Moment For Flozell Adams?

Published: 21st February 2011
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Pittsburgh - If success is the sweetest revenge then most would say Sunday January 23, 2010 for Pittsburgh Steelers, Right tackle, Flozell Adams was a very sweet day. The Day was Poetic, to say the least. The Steeler’s win over the New York Jets will send Flozell to the Dallas Stadium, a place he called home for many years as a Dalllas Cowboy. After Dallas let Adams go in 2010, offers came in from several teams but Adams was determined to join a team he felt could take it all the way.

Flozell, who is now a part of a solid Pittsburgh offense, has had a career that Hall of Fame appointees are made of. Drafted by Dallas in 1998 from Michigan State, in the second round, Flozell has spent the past 12 years with the Dallas organization protecting the blind side of such greats as Tony Romo and Troy Aikman. Flozell has started in over 180 games, 5 pro bowl invites and 2 All-Pro invites. Still with all the money and accolades, Adams has unfinished business.

"I want a Super Bowl Ring, it is the crown that we all work hard for", comments Adams, with a little less than a week left until the Super Bowl. Adams is not alone his teammates want it for him as bad as they want it for themselves.

"I get asked the question, If you win one (a third Super Bowl), what would it mean for you? But honestly, it means just as much, if not more, for me to win it for Flozell. To go back to Dallas. He's never had the chance to play in the Super Bowl." Comments Ben Roethlisberger, The Steelers Quarterback

So how does Flozell feel about playing in Dallas, is it a Poetic moment for him like thousands of media headlines, fans and bloggers have reported, wondered and asked?

"I don’t know about poetic" Adams stated "but they do say everything happens for a reason and to be frank it does not matter where I play as long as I play in the Super Bowl!"

Super Bowl Sunday, is a day Flozell has waited for all of us career and although his Dad and family will be watching, his Mom will be missing but not from his heart. Flozell’s Mother passed away from cancer when he was only 19 , something he admits he has not fully gotten over.

"It is a bitter sweet moment for me, but I will play for Moms that day and for the millions of people affected by cancer. I urge everyone, especially women to get their regular screening to prevent cancer." Adams comments

When asked if he considers himself a Steeler or a Cowboy."I am Steeler! " " I had a great run with Dallas, and I will always be grateful to the fans and the organization, but I am a Steeler as long as they will have me. When I hear teammates like Ben, publicly share wanting this win for me more than for himself, I am truly humbled that in such a short time my teammates would show me such support." Adams stated

The Steelers Offensive Line showed their support for Adams by showing up for their trip to Dallas, sporting Michigan State Jerseys, Adam’s college team. The throw back Jersey’s sported Flozell’s name and number and made even the big Flow blush with gratitude.

"Flozell is a joy to be around," the Pittsburgh Steelers coach said. "It might sound funny, because he doesn't always have a great disposition. But we enjoy that about him, too."

Whether it is poetry or Flowetry, Flozell Adams will suit up Super Bowl Sunday, and play in the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, in the biggest game of his career as a Pittsburgh Steeler!

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